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The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2)

The Well of Ascension (Mistborn, #2) - Brandon Sanderson After reading the first Book of the Mistborn Series, The Well of Ascension progressed a bit too slowly for my liking, especially in the beginning. Generally it's possible to say that in the first third nothing noteworthy happens, the second third then picks up on pace and the third is actually really nice.

The first part focuses mainly on character and relationship development, especially Vin-Elend, Vin-Kandra, Elend-Assembly, Elend-Crew.
While this is not a bad thing itself I felt like reading a coming of age/ young adult novel most of the time, especially when reading from Vin's point of view and often I felt like slapping her and telling her to just grow the f*** up. This part just stretched out for too long, making it considerably boring to read (except for her relationship with the Kandra, which I really enjoyed).

During the second part (yeah action!), I found myself thinking that Vin is just too much of an uber-character. She's not just the super-allomancer in not only one but pretty much every metal, she's also very intelligent oh and looks breathtakingly beautiful in a dress. Yeah well I didn't find it very believable. Her super-strength when it comes to Allomancy also stopped me worrying about her well being after a while. I mean... she'll survive anyway so why worry about it?

The book would have been indeed boring if it weren't for a couple of twists in the storyline that were not predictable, especially the ending. So it's worth fighting your way through folks.

A couple of things I really liked:
- the introduction of the Koloss. I really liked the concept of them literally growing out of their skin. Just showed again that Sanderson is indeed very good at world building!
- background knowledge about the Kandra through the conversations of it with Vin.
- introduction of Tindwyl, don't ask why I just liked her character for some reason
- the end (excluding what happens to Elend)

So all in all it's an okay book with some really nice twists which make it enjoyable to read and an ending that's worth the effort of reading the first bit. Definitely recommendable to those who read the first Mistborn book and liked it. If you found the first one to be rather okay or worse, well I wouldn't bother reading the second one.

Why the ending bothered me:
Alright so I just got over the shock that Vin by doing what seemed to be right actually did the very opposite. Very clever big bad thing hidden in the Well! Yeah and what happens then? Vin just gave up her beloved Elend to do what's right - a really noble gesture. But the whole concept is ruined when suddenly (hurrah) he's an Allomancer too! Great, so after probably all Mistborn of the Central Dominance are dead we have not only Vin, who's already too strong to feel real but also Elend. If Sanderson doesn't come up with something to counter those too, I'm afraid the third book will be a boring read indeed. So far I could at least worry a bit about Elend - although I didn't actually expect any of the really important characters to die - now I don't even have to do that anymore.
Dear Mr. Sanderson: just let some of your main characters die eventually. Life isn't fair and the survival of these characters just steals so much credibility!
Well just my humble opinion